Filip Goorden, our manager

Native from Schilde, in Belgium, Filip is turning into management and marketing studies.
The program includes an internship abroad, he spent 3 months in France where he occupied a position of salesman in a skishop.

In 2006, he joined the AFM Europe group, which sells promotional fridges for major brands, as Sales Manager Europe.
His investment and his motivation allow him to evolve quickly and to be no longer in charge only of Europe but of the sales worldwide.
His job makes him a real globetrotter: United States, Russia, Australia, Italy, Spain, Greece ... he is always on the move.

In search of a new challenge, in 2010, he created his own high-end sportswear store with his sister and brother-in-law.
He is currently in charge of administrative and BtoB sales.

In 2013, Filip left AFM Europe to join Arass Hotel *** & Business Flats in Antwerp.
His sales qualities made him the ideal person to further develop the hotel and manage the new renovations.

He discovered then a real passion for the hotel industry.
What he likes most: the contact with his clients and the fact that each day is different from the previous one with new challenges. It is a world that moves and requires a lot of energy, it is a sector made for him.

In July 2016, the establishment is taken over by the group from Nice NEHÔ, Filip is then promoted to the position of General Manager.
Very involved, he wants to help NEHÔ to develop and acquire new establishments in Belgium.
That is why he decided to resume his studies, a master degree in real estate management, in order to acquire additional skills in finance and to be able to manage new projects.

Filip is a hyperactive, he needs to be always busy. In addition to the management of the hotel and his store, he is very involved in many associations: he is a board member of Antwerp hotel association, he organises events for the non-profit association Hope which is raising funds to develop the distractions offered to children in hospitals, he also organises an Oldtimer rally with his nephew once a year...

His hobbies (we wonder where he still finds time!): sport (golf, skiing and tennis) and dressage horses where he supports and helps his girlfriend who is a professional dressage rider and trainer.

Velo Antwerp

Move fast throughout Antwerp and her surrounding districts with the bikes from Velo Antwerpen. With a day pass, week pass or year card you can make short rides between the different Velo-stations. Read all about it on the website.
Day pass: 4 euro
Week pass: 10 euro
Year card: 49 euro

Trip usage
0-30 min.     FREE after registration
30-60 min.   + € 0,50
60-90 min.   + € 1
+ 90 min.     + € 5 per started hour
          Max. 4 hours per ride

Low-emission zone Antwerp

Since the 1ste of February 2017, the city of Antwerp conducted a low-emission zone (LEZ) in the city center and in the district ’Linkeroever’. To improve local air quality and the health of residents and visitors, the most polluting vehicles are not allowed in this area.